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How We Help You Double Your Medicare Income within 6 Months

Because we work with and are dedicated to helping primary care physicians in Florida remain independent and in control, we are able to negotiate capitated agreements for our affiliated providers at rates they don’t have the leverage to negotiate on their own. We have been able to help our affiliated physicians double their income from Medicare patients within six months through our negotiated rates with a number of Medicare Advantage plans.

In the same way we have helped other primary care physicians, Cisne Health can help you choose and participate in the right plans and set up your support system so your office is successful in increasing your income without disrupting your current practice operations.

Other Ways Cisne Health Helps Support You

As the physician, you provide and dictate the care for your patients. It’s that simple. Cisne Health helps you optimize your participation with Medicare Advantage Plans while seamlessly integrating protocols that will streamline your entire office.

Cisne Health Coding/Billing Support

In addition to negotiating better rates with Medicare Advantage plans, we take on the management of claims filing for these Medicare Advantage patients, removing that burden from the shoulders of your billing staff so they can continue focusing on billing for your fee-for-service patients.

Cisne Health Care Coordination and Documentation Support

Cisne Health also makes it easy for you to provide the documentation associated with the proactive care you provide to your Medicare Advantage patients by doing the heavy lifting so you can focus on your patient care. 

Marketing Your Medicare Advantage Plans to Your Medicare Patients

During the annual open enrollment period (October 15-December 7), we have the relationships and clout with Medicare Advantage plans to arrange for plan representatives to be in your office at various times during open enrollment to answer your patients’ questions about Medicare Advantage generally as well as about the specific MA plan in which you participate.  

Change is Inevitable, but the WAY you Manage and Leverage Change to Your Advantage is a Choice and a Process

If you are like so many other primary care physicians in the rapidly shrinking group of independent practice owners in Florida, you are faced with the following questions and challenges:

  • Can I increase my revenue for my available patient time without compromising the quality of my care for my patients, without jeopardizing my own physical and/or mental health and without giving up control of the way I practice?
  • How much time should I and my staff have to spend fighting with payers over unpaid, delayed and denied claims?
  • What’s the best, safest and most profitable way to gradually transition from fee-for-service to value-based care to increase my earnings with limited or no risk or additional cost?
  • How do I retain my independence without being swept away by the rising tide of consolidation of PCP practices?
  • If I do choose to sell my practice in the future, how do I maximize my buyout potential?

The good news is that you can use Medicare Advantage to your advantage to double your revenue within 6 months, with

  • no out-of-pocket cost
  • total choice on your level of risk-reward (including zero risk)
  • opportunity to share in upside savings (but only if you want to)

No Cost? I Choose My Level of Risk/Reward? No Long-Term Commitment? How??

As an independent primary care physician in fee-for-service contract arrangements for your Medicare patient population, you are running ever faster (and never catching up) on an unending treadmill, needing to constantly see more patients and file more claims to offset the decreasing reimbursement levels that insurers know they can force on the smaller, independent primary care practices.

This is a losing arrangement, as evidenced by the exodus of independent primary care physicians. Cisne Health helps independent PCPs like you achieve a consistent, predictable income from month to month and helps you create an environment where you have more time and energy to focus on providing the optimal level of attention and care for your patients.

The underlying foundation of value-based care is not based on limiting care or quality. It’s about aligning optimal patient care with financial benefit – for the patient, for the doctor and for the unsustainable cost of healthcare to our overall economy.

What’s more, you don’t have to transition overnight from primarily or entirely fee-for-service to entirely value-based care. No matter where you are in this continuum, Cisne Health can help smooth your glidepath during this transition.

With Cisne Health, You Choose Your Level of Risk – or No Risk at All

In addition to our ability to negotiate capitated agreements for our affiliated providers at rates they don’t have the leverage to negotiate on their own, Cisne Health structures agreements to allow you to choose your desired level of risk-reward — from zero risk to your chosen level of shared risk and shared reward from surplus savings.

If you choose to accept some level of shared risk in exchange for the opportunity to share in the savings, you – and only you – determine the level of risk you want to share and that matches the percentage share you receive of any savings. 

Why You Pay NO Money to Cisne Health

There is no cost to you in this arrangement because we have the ability and willingness to accept risk in these agreements in exchange for the potential for us to earn a share of any savings. That’s our upside and you aren’t footing the bill. 

You Get Paid Directly by the Medicare Advantage Plans

You collect the monthly capitated payments for each Medicare Advantage patient in those plans for which you are a credentialled provider. (We also help support the credentialling process for getting you set up as a provider in these plans.)

What’s more, you can exit our agreement anytime with only 60 days advance notice if you should ever become dissatisfied with our relationship. 

Stay Independent or Sell on Your Own Terms

Using Medicare Advantage to your advantage can also help you retain control and stay independent rather than facing a future with no option other than retiring (if you can afford to) or working as an employed physician in a larger organization, which is the unfortunate circumstance of too many primary care physicians today. Or if you do decide to sell your practice, you can do so on your own terms and command the best price.

Primary care physicians like you still have an option to take control of your revenue cycle and your life, whether you go it alone or participate in an ACO, IPA or other affiliations in a way that doesn’t compromise your independence.

All evidence points to value-based care as the future of healthcare in the U.S. We support independent primary care physicians in learning how to get ahead of inevitable change trends instead of futilely trying to keep up playing the old game by the old rules and falling further behind – if not out of the race entirely.

Independent physicians like you know that the system has been set up to accelerate your exhaustion and discourage you to the point that you give up. Let Cisne Health teach you how to use the system to stay independent or sell on your own terms.