Cisne Health

The Cisne Health App

Get the support you need to succeed in Value-Based Healthcare

Delivered on top of any EHR and at no cost to you.

The Information You Need

Cisne Health presents you, the clinician, with the insights you need to succeed with your Medicare Advantage, ACO, IFP, and Managed Medicaid contracts.

These insights include

  • HEDIS opportunities
  • HCC Hx
  • Potential Interactions

The best time to see the specific HCC opportunities as well as the ICD-10 code(s) that triggered them is during the encounter. These insights are presented to you on top of your EHR.

The Cisne Health app presents all insights directly to you, the clinician. This way, you retain the authority to validate diagnoses.

Create Workflows that Drive Value

These workflows will get your practice to be a top performer

Membership aggregation: Do you really know who your members are?
Prioritized scheduling: Do you know who needs to be seen sooner rather than later?
Prepared encounters: Do you know each of your patients’ HEDIS and HCC gaps? Have they hit their stop loss?
Selective referrals: Are you referring to value-conscious specialists?

Cisne works with you and your staff to ensure that all of these workflows are understood and implemented correctly.